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Friday, August 2, 2013

Dreadlocks Week 1!!!

Ma Baby Dreads :)

...took about 8 hours of twist and rip method, I prewashed the day before with Dr. Bronner's soap and didn't condition. They went in pretty easy, but man is it hard on the hands!!!

1 Month Before, yes I liked my hair and it looked nice and all but I'm not huge on hair maintenance which is funny since I am a hairdresser haha. Anyways I have always liked the look of dreads and the seemingly low maintenance appeal won over as I was tired of having to constantly make appt.'s to keep my shorter style looking this nice.
Day one (first pic was taken at 3am July 31 2013 when I finally finished, second pic is 6 hours later after sleeping on them).

Day 2 rocking an earthy looking hair tie to downplay the craziness that was baby dreads on day two. They looked squirrelly and medusa like after sleeping on them and having a two year old play with them all night for comfort lol!

Day 3 (lighting is crap at work) as you can see I am liking the tied back look so my medusa locs (my kids call them snake hair) don't get all up in my face.

Day 5 definitely fuzzier but tamed well with a pretty satin ribbon